StoryHarvest: 2nd Annual Celebration of Art and Food from Seed to Table

Learn how to participate!

Cultivate community, art and the harvest bounty with StoryHarvest, conceived by multimedia storyteller Ellie Markovitch!

Save the date: October 20th. What with the Bread and Puppet Theater and the Sonagi Project coming to town, as well as the gallery opening, it will be a very busy day around Freedom Square (or next door at 3361 6th Avenue at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in case of bad weather).

Be the Media Institute for Subversive Papier Mache', with Bread and Puppet Theater, occurs from 11-3. Learn how to make cardboard politicians, picture stories (cantastoria), hand puppets, and giants for rallies, parades, and your own media productions!  From 3-4, the workshop culminates in a parade through North Troy to Freedom Square.  Workshop participants will join Bread and Puppet Theater in a prologue to their performance. 

Bread and Puppet Theater will perform "Circus of the Possibilitarians," at Freedom Square from 4-5pm.  It is a satirical horse and butterfly circus, addressing pertinent national and international issues in a clownish fashion, including rotten ideas, a wild dancing horse and some mellow lions, a solemn salute to the world’s casualties and much more! The Dire Circumstance Jubilation Ensemble provides a little bit of brass and a lot of noise. Please take note that if some of the circus acts are politically puzzling to adults, accompanying children can usually explain them.

In addition, from 5-6 at Freedom Square, the Sonagi Project will perform. They create music informed by various traditional genres. Influences include pungmul gut (farmers’ percussion band ritual), samulnori (modern percussion quartet), and pansori (traditional vocal art of storytelling)—genres that have roots in Korea’s indigenous shamanic culture; the group also incorporates jeontong minyo (traditional folk songs) as well as elements of Buddhist music. In building on traditional forms to give their music a contemporary sensibility, Sonagi Project takes liberties with certain techniques and rhythms, and at times embraces outside sources. Indeed, some of their original works contain African and Brazilian influences. Yet their music preserves the sentiment, emotion, and spirit of Korean tradition.

Starting at 6pm is a community potluck in The Sanctuary for Independent Media (3361 6th Avenue).  Meet your neighbors, have fun, and enjoy the harvest bounty!

Plus, during the community potluck, you can meet the photographers and celebrate the opening of our new art exhibition, Planting Seeds: Four Lenses on North Troy. Come see the photographs of our local artists Patrick Dodson, Brian Jones, Brenda Ann Kenneally, and Ellie Markovitch, as they focus their lenses on the area surrounding the Sanctuary. 

All events are free; donations welcome!