Freedom Festival 2014

Freedom Festival

Date & Time: 
 06/07/2014 - 1pm - 9pm
Join us for music, food, and fun with the PitchBlak Brass Band, Brooklyn-based players of hip-hop from the 1980s to the present day, and Oobleck, a funk-based instrumental horn band from the Capital Region, performing outdoors on the Freedom Square stage.

1-4 PM workshops:
-Fishing with Brandon Ballengée a well known visual artists, biologist, and environmental activist in New York! More details to come...

You can also join Brandon on the evening of June 7th from 8-10 PM for the Be The Media! workshop where you will be participating in night-time insect watching to assist in his art and research! This workshop continues the next day, June 8th from 1-5PM, to collect and observe aquatic specimens from the Hudson river. 

These two workshops are admission by donations 
-Tibetan Prayer Flag Making with Jillian Hirsch
-Solar Power in Troy with Anasha Cummings
4 PM community meal: BBQ and POTLUCK! Bring your favorite dishes to share with people, anything! Also, a portion of the meal is going to be made using culled food. Culled food is food that is about to, or has already hit the "sell by" or "expire" date. This food is still good and healthy to eat, but because stores cannot keep it on their shelves past that labeled date, in many cases they throw it away. Many people misinterpret these "use by" dates and end up throwing away 40% of food in America. This is roughly equivalent to $165 billion dollars in wasted food annually! 
5 PM music with two bands: Oobleck and Pitchblak Brass Band!